Flock Owners

Small Flock Owners
Centrally located, Island Farmhouse Poultry provides fully-inspected, custom processing services to Island growers on a fee-for-service basis.

We know Island farmers take great pride in the premium products they are providing so we make sure that each flock that is processed is properly identified. Growers are guaranteed that they are getting their own birds back upon pick-up. Custom services include all waste charges. Effective July 1, 2020 birds will no longer be individually bagged. All birds will be boxed in bulk.

Please be aware that your current booking for custom processing at Island Farmhouse Poultry is not guaranteed, during the pandemic there are many things beyond our control that may impact our ability to process your birds as scheduled.    Please be aware that in event of a partial or full shut down at Island Farmhouse Poultry it may be necessary to adjust or cancel your custom processing date.

We will do our best to maintain your custom processing date as scheduled or to provide you adequate notice of any necessary changes or cancellations but in these uncertain times we cannot guarantee.

Custom processing prices are established as a base price with volume discounts as listed below:

Effective January 1, 2020



0-25 birds – $6.00 each
26+ birds – $5.50 each

Roosters – $6.50 each

We do not accept turkeys over 8 kgs.

1-25 birds $26.75 ea
26-50 $21.75 ea
51 and up $18.75 each


Price breaks are for birds processed all on the same day, not for the number of birds a grower may bring to us over a number of days.

Procedures and Policies for Custom Grower Processing at Island Farmhouse Poultry (IFP)


    • Custom processing dates are available approximately 6 weeks in advance
    • Growers must supply name, phone number, email address, number of birds at time of booking
    • Growers must supply credit card number for payment prior to pick up

Drop Off

    • Growers will be contacted prior to processing date with drop off and pick up time
    • All growers must adhere to drop off time given late arrivals may be bumped to next available processing date
    • Growers must follow protocol for humane transport of animals, visit spca.bc.ca/farm for more information.
    • Arriving at IFP grower must proceed to drop off area at left side of building. Please look for signs or follow direction of IFP staff.
    • Grower will be instructed by IFP staff where to unload creates or unhook trailer. If help is required to unload the grower must bring help with them, IFP employees are not permitted to help unload custom birds.
    • All Growers must unload birds, fill out tags and return to their vehicles as quickly as possible.
    • Growers are not permitted to enter the IFP building or to have close contact with IFP employees. Maintain minimum 6 feet distance at all times!
    • Once birds are unloaded growers must leave the IFP premises as quickly as possible.
    • All trailers and crates must be picked up after 1pm on processing day, IFP is not responsible for loss or damage of trailers or crates not picked by end of processing day.

Pick up

    • Growers will be contacted prior to processing date with pick up time for birds
    • Birds are no longer individually bagged; all birds will be bulk boxed.
    • Custom processing must be paid with credit card prior to pick up. Grower’s are not permitted to enter the IFP office, phone inquiries please phone 250-746-6163 press 1
    • When arriving to pick up, proceed to shipping door on right side of building.
        • Ring buzzer then step back to wait
        • When shipping employee arrives, he will ask for name
        • Shipping will bring boxes out to shipping dock.
        • Once shipping employee has stepped back, custom grower may begin loading boxes in vehicle. Maintain minimum 6 feet distance at all times!
        • Receipt will be attached to one box. Manifest will be left on clipboard with boxes, custom grower must sign for boxes.
        • Custom grower will be directed to load quickly and vacate the IFP parking lot to allow space for the next pick up.

Growers who do not follow directions and protocols or disrespect IFP staff will not be permitted future processing at Island Farmhouse House Poultry.